Tiny Tot's Dance Classes

Our Tiny Tots classes are play-based utilising singing, story-telling, props & musical instruments.  Our unique Fairy Garden provides a delightful play area to be enjoyed after class.  

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Mums & Bubs (18 Months - 3 Years)

Wednesday 9:10am

Introducing toddlers to music and dance in the company of their mums is a really special opportunity for bonding.  We will play, dance, sing, wave our scarves and visit the fairies in the garden together.  A great class for parents to enjoy with their children.  Dads should not feel left out - all parents and caregivers welcome.  

Tiny Tots (3-4 Year Olds)

Friday 10am, Saturday 9am

Our first dance class for the independent tiny student.  Mums are welcome to be in the studio but will not participate in this class.  We start with singing on the mat and move through a selection of fun games & dance steps designed to improve gross motor skills and increase balance and encourage musicality, expression and memory.  We finish with a visit to the Fairy Garden.

Pre-Schoolers (4-5 Year Olds)

Friday 11am, Saturday 10am

This class is the next progression for children who have participated in the Tiny Tots class in 2017.  This year we move on to more challenging dance steps and start working on the RAD Pre-Primary syllabus.  Our little preschoolers enjoy a lovely class, develop great friendships, learn to take turns and show leadership while developing their artistic expression.  We finish with a visit to the Fairy Garden.