Terms & Conditions of Enrolment


It is a condition of enrolment at Chez Danse, that you will pay your fees termly and in advance.  Your fees must be paid, before your child/children attend classes.

Failure to do so will mean your child is no longer an enrolled student and cannot participate in classes.  Our class sizes are limited, if you do not pay your fees your place will be forfeited. 


In order to improve and achieve in dance, it’s important to attend all your rehearsals and classes unless you are unwell.  Continually missing classes will hold up everyone and your teacher may not always be able to catch you up while the other students wait.  If you cannot make it to a class please send a text to your teacher explaining why you are away.


Should you miss classes due to illness or injury it is our policy that you are able to make-up those classes in another class of a similar nature - but you must contact Miss Penny to ask for advice and to gain permission to do so.  Make-up lessons must be taken in the same term that the absences occurred.

NB We DO NOT provide credits for holidays or missed classes.  


With the exception of some adult classes, it is assumed that all students will be involved in our annual concert, which takes place in early December.  Each class presents their routines in full costume on a proper stage.  Choreography for these routines starts in Term 3 and all students are included.  The production is an exciting event to look forward to and work towards.  If your child is unable to take part in the end of year Concert please inform Miss Penny (in writing) before the commencement of Term 3. Concert tickets are available for purchase in Term 4.  As the concert is the major focus of classes in Term 4 - it's important to be involved.  


We encourage family and friends to attend class open days in the last week of each term (other than 4th term - when our concert is our focus).  Sometimes we have special events for families to attend i.e. My-Mumma-Can-Dance & Dads-Day-at- Dance.

Other than these special days, we respectfully ask that parents do not enter our dance studios while classes are in progress, with the exception of Tiny Tots classes.   Parents who wish to speak with Miss Penny need to make a time outside of class.   Miss Penny welcomes parent contact so please feel free to book a time via phone or email.


Attention to grooming and correct attire are essential elements of dance training.  Students should always enter the studio with hair neat and tidy. Ballet students must have a bun or pulled off the face if short. The correct uniform should always be worn to class including ballet tights or ballet socks.  Leotards, tights and dance shoes must be in good clean condition.   Please remember to name all your dancewear and shoes.


It is the students and parents responsibility to notify the class teacher in the event of an injury outside of class. To lessen the risk of injury during classes, students must arrive on time to class to ensure they take part in the warm up, it will be noted if students arrive late. 

The greatest care is taken at Chez Danse to ensure all students are safe and taught with the utmost care by trained and qualified professionals.  However participation in dance classes does involve some risks, your enrolment into dance classes means you accept the possibility that a minor injury could occur - like sprains for example.  Where this is uncommon - it does ocassionally happen.


Students must wear their dance uniform as set out on our Uniform Page.  Students are to bring their own named water bottle for each class.  Chez Danse does not take responsibility for students between classes or before or after the student’s class.  Please collect your children promptly from the waiting room following their class.

Please deliver your children into the studio rather than dropping and collecting students from the carpark. (the exception is Senior and Teen students) however all students must remain within the building until they are safely collected by their parent.

NB Smoking is not permitted near or within the Chez Danse studio precinct.  


Please read all handouts, newsletters and notices. Any changes to personal details of a student should be immediately forwarded to Miss Penny, so your records can be updated.  You are welcome to contact Miss Penny via email, text or phone and please use our Closed Facebook Group to chat with one another.