Parent Information


At Chez Danse we expect our dancers to show basic good manners and respect at all times and to all people.  We expect you to be punctual and in uniform with your hair done in a style appropriate for dance classes (ballet buns).  At the end of each class your teacher will thank you and curtsey, you are expected to reciprocate.  Seniors and Adult dancers will often clap their teacher at the end of the class, this is a deeply appreciated gesture and shows respect and appreciation.


Regular attendance is the only way to progress.  Your teacher will not have time to go over moves that have already been taught, as this slows down the progress of the whole class.  If you have fallen behind due to illness or holidays you can book a private lesson to help you to catch up. 

Please send a text to your teacher, if you will not be able to make a class.  We understand there will be times you are unable to attend but please let us know what is happening.  Make-up lessons can be arranged but please check with Miss Penny first to find out what is a suitable class for you to take.

Our Classrooms

Please don't interrupt classes that are in progress, if you wish to see the teacher please wait until the class has finished and keep your enquiries brief as the teacher most likely has another class straight away.

Videoing students in class is NOT PERMITTED unless it has been authorised by Miss Penny.  

Our Waiting Room

Please enjoy our lovely waiting rooms but do remember to keep the noise down.  Also, please pickup your rubbish.  It is a requirement of our studio that all students bring their own water bottle, but if you do need to use a cup from the kitchen please wash and wipe it up and replace on shelves when you're finished.

Drop off and pick-up.

Young children must be accompanied into the studio by their parent or caregiver.  No child is to be left unattended in the waiting room.  Children must wait inside the building for their parent to collect them.  Please do so promptly as Chez Danse does not accept responsibility for children outside of their dance class times.  Siblings should never be left in our waiting room.  All parents of preschoolers are required to remain on the premises whilst their children take class.  


Unless there is an allocated break in your timetable (a special workshop etc), food is not to be brought into the studio.  

Water Bottle

All students are to have their own water bottles, clearly marked with their names. 


Chez Danse proudly offers examinations in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, however Miss Penny will make decisions about who is eligible to enter these exams based on attendance and achievements in class.  To be considered for ballet exams students must attend at least two dance classes per week.  For Vocational Students a minimum of 3 ballet classes per week is necessary.  Other examinations may be possible in Jazz (CSTD) and Tap (LGTDA) if enough people request that option.

School Terms

Our studio mostly follows the State School Terms.  NB in 1st term we will open 29 January.  

Ist Term:

Monday 29 January - Thursday 29 March 

2nd Term:

Monday 17 April - Friday 29 June (closed Anzac Day 25 April & Labour Day 7 May)

3rd Term:

Monday 16 July - Friday 21 September 

4th Term:

Monday 8 October - 14 December