Can my child participate in a "trial" lesson?

Yes, trial classes are available.  Bookings are essential.  We can even give you a studio tour if you would like to make an appointment.

Does my child have to do exams?

No, taking Royal Academy of Dance examinations is highly recommended, but only when Miss Penny considers your child is ready.  If you do not wish to partake in exams that is completely fine.

If we won't be here for the concert, can we still take classes?

Your child is welcome to continue classes even if you won't be available for the concert, however the focus during Term 4 is preparing routines for our Concert. 

Can I my child enter competitions & eisteddfods?

Yes, if your child has achieved significant strength and technique - Miss Penny will  suggest you become involved in competition dancing.  Remember, Miss Penny is an Australian Dance Adjudicator and loves to see children enjoy more opportunities to perform.