Children's Dance Classes

Children are encouraged to enjoy dance while developing their artistic and musical skills through expertly delivered classes.  All our teachers are dedicated, qualified educators who provide inspiring lessons.

Whether your child is interested in dance for exercise, or passionately inspired to strive towards perfecting their dancing - Chez Danse is the place.  

We are incredibly fortunate to have two RAD (the Royal Academy of Dance) registered teachers associated with our studio.  Your child could not be in better hands for their ballet training. 

Our staff members are also members of CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance) and provide exciting and challenging jazz classes utilising the CSTD syllabus.

Our studio is the only studio on the Sunshine coast to offer the famous Les Griffith Tap Dance Syllabus.  We are huge tap dancing aficionados and offer excellent classes.  

We also have a beautiful purpose built, two studio facility with a magical Fairy Garden. 

Our studio is easily accessible via the Sunshine Motorway and is situated in a perfect central Sunshine Coast position.

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Tiny Tots 

Friday 10am, Saturday 9am

Dance class for the youngest independent dancers (3-4 years).  Mums and Dads are welcome to sit in on classes - we encourage our students to return to their caregiver anytime they are feeling a little insecure.  Gradually our little dancers become more comfortable with their independence - but we are not in a rush.  Feeling happy and inspired to learn dance, rhythm, mime and stories is our aim.

Pre-School Ballet (4-5 Year Olds)

Friday 11am, Saturday 10am

As the children grow they become more proficient at learning some basic dance steps and improve their rhythm and musicality.  This class is ideal to enhance their natural motor skill development and encourage their love of dance.  We might be growing up, but we still adore our time with the fairies.

Pre-Primary Ballet (5-6 Year Olds)

Monday 4pm, Saturday 11am

This class suits children who have attended Pre-school or baby ballet or are ready to start their dance journey at the age of 5 or 6 years.  Our classes utilises the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-primary syllabus.  We have loads of fun learning steps, enjoying gorgeous music & playing with props.

Primary Ballet (6-9 Year Olds)

Tuesday 4pm

This class furthers the learning for those children who have attended Pre-Primary ballet classes or alternatively provides a great starting point for children aged 6-8 years.  We will learn more sophisticated steps and dances than in Pre-Primary while still enjoying a fun approach to movement.  This class establishes a good understanding of how dance classes are formulated.  

Grade One Ballet 

Wednesday 3:45pm

Grade One ballet is the next step for children who have attended Primary for at least one year (or having passed the RAD Primary exam).  Should a child decide to take up ballet as an 8 to 10 year old, this class provides a good grounding coupled with intellectual challenges to keep the older new starter entertained and inspired.

Grade Two Ballet

Friday 3.45pm

Grade two is the next progression for children who have passed the RAD Grade One Exam.

Grade Five Ballet

Thursday 4.30pm Friday 4:30pm

Grade five is the next progression for children who have passed the RAD Grade Four Exam.  Or Grade 4 students who are looking for an extension class.

Intermediate Foundation Ballet

Monday 6pm

The RAD Intermediate Foundation Ballet syllabus is the gateway to the Vocational Grades.  It is a challenging syllabus to explore with lovely music and great exercises designed to strengthen and inspire.  Suitable for serious adult students also (that have been attending Chez Danse for one or more years).

Open Ballet (RAD Intermediate level)

Tuesday 7pm

Open ballet classes provide on-the-spot (unknown) choreography for the dancer to learn and be challenged by.  Your memory and spontaneity will be stimulated.  The class will be equivalent to the RAD Intermediate syllabus, but will regularly change and offer lots of variety.  This class is followed by a suitable 30 minute pointe class for those who have been assessed and declared physically ready for the challenge.  Your dance teacher will offer advice about your readiness for this class.

Beginners Tap (4.5-9 Year Olds)

Thursday 3.45pm

This class introduces children to the joys of tap dancing - the pizzazz, the rhythm and the sheer noisy fun of this great dance style.  They might become addicted.

Test Two Tap (5-8 Year Olds)

Monday 5pm

Test two tap is the next progression for children who attended Beginner's Tap in 2017.  This year we will increase our repertoire of steps, further improve our rhythm and musicality and become more proficient at "performance".  

Bronze Medal Tap (8-14 Year Olds)

Tuesday 5pm

Bronze Medal is the next level for students who attended Level 3 Tap in 2017.  Our steps are now becoming more and more challenging and complicated.  

Beginners Jazz (6-10 Year Olds)

Tuesday 4:30pm

A great entry-level class for children to participate in jazz.  Dancing to the latest hit songs and learning lots of moves seen on music videos, our dancers will get fit and flexible while enjoying endless challenging and fun routines.  

Jazz Level One/Two (6-9 Year Olds)

Monday 4pm

This class moves our dancers along from beginners or level one steps to level two steps.  This class suits children who attended beginners jazz in 2017 or those who are joining as slightly older new starters.  There's lots of fun and challenging steps to enjoy with the latest cool music.

Intermediate Jazz (9-14 Year Olds)

Thursday 5.30pm

This class suits those students who attended CSTD Level 3 class in 2017.  It may also suit students coming to Chez Danse from other studios who have two or more years dance experience.

Teen Jazz for Beginners (13-19 Year Olds)

Wednesday 6.15pm

Especially created for the teenage beginner, this class is a great introduction to the jazz style.  Dancers can expect to have loads of fun and see their fitness and flexibility increase.  

Beginners Acro/Contemporary (6-9 Year Olds)

Wednesday 4:30pm

Students of contemporary dance require considerable flexibility and upper body strength.  The combination of Acro techniques with contemporary dance movements provides a great training ground for dancers.  Due to the high level of spotting (where the teacher has to assist dancers to complete moves) this class will be smaller than usual and therefore positions will be highly sort after, (early enrolment is recommended).  It is also extremely important that students develop basic acro skills before they grow too big for the teacher to spot.  (This class is therefore only available to students from 6-9 years).

Intermediate Contemporary (9-13 Year Olds)

Friday 5:30pm

Due to the physical nature of Contemporary Dance, dancers require strong dance technique, reasonable upper body strength and a good level of fitness, therefore this class is best suited to ballet students or those that have attended Intermediate Contemporary in 2017.

Senior Contemporary (13-19 Year Olds)

Tuesday 6pm

This class is best suited to dancers with considerable experience in ballet and or contemporary dance.

Fitball & Stretch (9-15 Year Olds)

Friday 6:30pm

This class provides a wonderful addition to any dancer's training.  The class features elements of the Progressing Ballet Technique syllabus and additional floor work and stretching techniques.