Adult Dance Classes Sunshine Coast

Our adult classes provide a friendly, encouraging environment in which to learn a number of dance styles with experienced & qualified teaching staff.  Many of our students have told us they really wanted to dance as children but through circumstances weren't able to - our classes fulfil many childhood dreams.  We even offer opportunities to perform in our annual concert.  Other adult dancers have sorely missed their dancing and have thoroughly enjoyed attending classes at Chez Danse after a long break.  Many describe dance as their preferred way to exercise and a "true break" from the stresses of day-to-day life.  Whatever your story, you will be welcomed to our studio. You'll find support and friendship at Chez Danse.

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Adult Tap Beginners

If you have ever wanted to learn to tap dance, Chez Danse is the place.  This class will teach you the basics of this wonderful dance style.  Tap Dancing is enjoying a resurgence - you'll be swept up in the wonderful spirit that comes with this style and it's own unique "community".  

Adult Tap (Experienced)

This class best suits those dancers who are fairly experienced and are looking for a challenging, ever-changing, fast paced class.  Be ready for a great workout whilst (probably) having a good old laugh with some other awesome adult tappers.

Adult Ballet (Beginners)

Our Adult Ballet classes sensitively teach you the basics of ballet.  Your tuition will be of the highest quality, with technique and safe dance practice being of the utmost importance.  Your body will slowly take on the requirements of ballet, through gentle strengthening of the muscles and your posture, core strength and balance will improve significantly.  

Adult Ballet (Open Class - RAD Intermediate Level)

An open ballet class for intermediate level students.  Both senior and adult students are able to attend this lesson. 

Adult Fitball and Stretch 

An ideal class for adult and senior students to increase core strength and flexibility using fit-balls & other fitness equipment.  Set to music - this is a class not to miss.  

Intermediate Foundation (RAD grade class)

This year some of our adult dancers will be welcomed into our Intermediate Foundation class.  They will join our senior students and enjoy a thorough class of RAD technique utilising the Intermediate Foundation syllabus.  This class best suits dancers with good fitness and considerable experience. 

This class is followed by an optional pointe class.  You need to have an assessment before enrolling in this class.

Silver Swans & Repertoire coming in 2019

More information coming soon.